about us

‘Save Wakefield Park’ is made up of a myriad of supporters of Wakefield Park Raceway who desperately want to see this iconic circuit in Goulburn reopened:

– Motorsport participants, officials, volunteers, spectators & enthusiasts from across NSW and around Australia
– Local Businesses of the Goulburn region & their employees
– Residents of the Goulburn region
– Community groups, sporting groups, and members of our emergency services & military who use the facility
– Ancillary businesses in NSW that provide services to the motorsport community


It’s complicated!

Wakefield Park Raceway opened in 1994 and in almost 30 years, it has grown from a track built for a small group of historic car enthusiasts to a much-loved circuit hosting grassroots events plus State and National events for cars, bikes, and trucks. In addition, it has hosted car manufacturer events and has acted as a driver training facility for learner drivers, people with disabilities, the Police, the military, and novice car enthusiast looking to test the potential of their road-registered cars. People from all over NSW and Australia make the pilgrimage to Goulburn bringing millions of tourism dollars into the region.

Over the years there have been several owners however the latest owner is Benalla Auto Club (BAC). In 2020, BAC sought to improve the facilities and buildings of Wakefield Park, and a Development Application was lodged with Council.

Against a backdrop of disagreement over how noise limits would be applied to various types & numbers of events, plus noise complaints from a small group of nearby landholders, the Development Application outcome was unfavorable, and BAC took it to the NSW Land & Environment Court (LEC).

Even though the LEC approved the multi-million-dollar improvements to Wakefield Park’s facilities, certain conditions in the Decision made it untenable for the circuit to remain a viable business. Of note, BAC was directed to follow the original 1993 DA which stipulated that Wakefield Park could only operate 30 days per year. Sadly, BAC took the decision to close Wakefield Park on 1 September 2022 until a resolution can be found.

A lot of finger-pointing can be done, and blame can be apportioned on both sides for not properly managing the issues over the years – but for us, the reality remains that Goulburn has lost tens of millions of tourist dollars, jobs have been lost and NSW now only has one permanent full-length circuit (Sydney Motorsport Park) to service thousands of motorsport participants

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